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Métier exists for creative professionals and solopreneurs like you.

We offer custom coaching programs to help you align your personal leadership with your workplace reality, so you can move through life’s inevitable periods of transition with clarity and grace.

feeling that mid-career malaise? Métier can help.

You are a solopreneur launching your big dream business.

You are an advertising creative positioning yourself for a promotion.

You are a new parent dreaming of a career shift after this mat leave.

You are a graphic designer with a sneaking suspicion you would prefer to be a barber.

You long to move forward authentically and are looking for support.

It’s time to get clear, get unstuck, and get what you want out of your professional life.


You are at a MID-career crossroads, seeking change and growth.

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You want to align teams with a shared vision.

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Throughout my career I have longed to meet the clear and deep need for creative leaders and professionals to be accompanied by reliable allies in the change process, whether to help them stretch their capacities, define their personal brands, or creatively transcend perceived limitations.
It has become my vocation to act as just such an ally.
— Janine Hopkinson, Founder, Métier Coaching + Culture